In April 2017, Dr. Goodman was invited to the Kingdom of Bahrain to give a lecture for the local dental association. There were many international speakers and hundreds of medical and dental professionals who attended the conference.

Innovated by BDA Dental Events Management, under the patronage of his Excellency Lieutenant General Doctor “Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa,” president of the supreme council health kingdom of Bahrain. DLS Conference & Exhibition aimed to focus on everything related to the dentists’ work, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. This year, the two-day international conference featured 21 world renowned speakers and lectures to present and speak on topics related to Dentistry, Marketing, Media, Volunteerism, Fitness, Fashion, Life coaching, and Business Entrepreneurship.

scheduleDr. Joseph Goodman was the only dentist from California. Dr. Goodman presented a lecture about smile makeovers and how smile makeovers can change one’s life. The lecture was very well received by the community and the conference attendees. Dr. Goodman had a chance to meet many important leaders of the community, including the Minister of Health of the of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Goodman also had the pleasure of attending the conference with worldwide leaders in their field, who presented about various dental and medical fields—Dr. Martin Pedernera, an Orthodontist from Barcelona, Spain who specializes in Lingual Orthodontics, Dr. Maxim Belograd, a specialist in Microscopic Dentistry from Ukraine, and Dr. Mamdooh Ashy is a plastic surgeon and public figure in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

poduim lecture

Bahrain Conference live podium Lecturing at the Conference About Smile Makeovers


Some talented and intellectual professionals I met at the conference


Other advisors at the dental exhibition

Meeting some dental students who study in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The weeklong event also included an exhibition curated for the dental professional community. Dr. Goodman was an advisor for the exhibit and had a chance to introduce some of the latest equipment’s in the dental field to local dentists and technicians. Many dental companies that are known internationally had also been represented during this conference; some names include Invisalign, Phillips, and Oral-B—these brands are probably some you may have seen at your local pharmacy!

Besides being invited to Bahrain to speak for a lecture, Dr. Goodman had the honor of working with the Royal Family of the UAE. He was flown out with Emirates Airline to Dubai and stayed in Abu Dhabi, where the Royal family resides to perform cosmetic dental procedures on some of the Royal Family Members.

Bahrain is a Middle Eastern archipelago in the Persian Gulf. The small country is popular for water sports, sailing, and scuba diving. Another popular activity is riding camels. Although still a developing country, it boasts a rich culture and is filled with history; and is also a top investment site in the near future.

Bahrain World Trade Center
Camel Riding Tours in Bahrain


Aerial View of a Part of Bahrain