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If you find yourself unable to sleep the night before a dental treatment you may be experiencing the effects of a common condition known as dental anxiety. Fortunately, our dentists at Joseph Goodman, DDS, DMD, have plenty of experience helping patients overcome their dental anxiety. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons patients experience anxiety and see if you find yourself in these descriptions.

#1 Self-consciousness: it can be disconcerting to sit still while your dental specialist hovers closely over you. This closeness might leave you feeling self-conscious, vulnerable, or both.

#2 Loss of control: it can also be difficult to sit still when you can’t see what is happening and you are nervous about what to expect while someone is working in your mouth.

#3 Pain: if you have had a painful experience once before, this may make you think future treatments will also be painful. This is not the case. Dentists vary in their approach to treatment, and every day, technology makes available better, more comfortable treatment options for patients.

#4 Past experience: unfortunately, a previous experience can leave its mark on a patient. If a procedure was painful in the past, you might expect your next procedure to be uncomfortable as well. Just remember that today’s dentists have a variety of tools to help your experience be as comfortable as possible, even including quieter drills!

Dr. Joseph Goodman and Dr. Lisa Kim are pleased to offer sedation dentistry options–including nitrous oxide, or laughing gas–for our patients undergoing treatment. Please share your concerns, once we know you experience dental anxiety, we will work with you to feel more in control, help you understand your procedure beforehand, and work out hand signals to let us know that you need a moment during the treatment, among other things.

For more information, or to schedule a visit with our dentists, please call 310-734-4557 today. We look forward to helping you create positive dental experiences in Beverly Hills, California!