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If you wish to have the best possible smile this summer, take the necessary steps to keep it safe. This includes avoiding potential risks that can arise to your teeth and gums, as well as hidden dangers that seek to destroy your tooth enamel.

Summer smiles depend on accident prevention. Listed below are a few common hazards to your smile, as well as a few techniques to help prevent them from occurring:

– Always avoid bad habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco, and recreational drugs, and never use your mouth as a bottle opener, as this is an easy way to chip and crack teeth.
– If you play contact sports or partake in high-risk activities, be sure to use headgear or mouthguards to protect your teeth and jaw.
– Avoid chewing on things such as pens and pencils, as they can cause a TMJ disorder in your jaw or loosen or crack a tooth.
– Avoid tough and thick items that can crack your teeth, including hard candies, ice, corn on the cob, and corn kernels.
– Avoid using mouth jewelry, as it can be a choking hazard, chip and crack teeth, and cause infections.

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