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Are you aware of the risk factors associated with harmful acids in your mouth? Do you understand why plaque buildup cannot be allowed to occur between your teeth and gums? This is because plaque buildup can contribute to erosion that can eat through tooth enamel and can easily cause gum disease and many other oral health issues as well. Although brushing cannot effectively clean between teeth, an interdental cleaner such as dental floss can.

When cleaning between teeth, you will need a highly effective oral health care cleaning utensil such as an interdental cleaner. Interdental cleaners can accurately rinse away food debris and plaque buildup between teeth. Two effective options to consider are threaded dental flossers and water flossers. If you decide to use a threaded dental flosser, make sure to use shred-resistant flosses so it will not tear upon use. For product recommendations and suggestions, speak with your dentist or look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on product packaging.

Ideally, you should clean between your teeth every day. Always make sure to focus on cleaning between teeth for at least 2 minutes per session. To help prevent contamination from occurring, use a threaded floss that is roughly 18“ in length. This will ensure that you can use a separate section between each tooth. Don’t forget to clean behind your back row as well. When flossing your teeth, wrap a section of the thread around a finger on each hand so you can move up and down the strand as necessary. Always be gentle on your teeth and use slow deep strokes to reach all sides of a tooth.

The superb oral health happiness you seek is one step closer thanks to interdental treatments. If you are ready for interdental treatments from Joseph Goodman, DDS, DMD at our dentist office in Beverly Hills, California, then you are welcome to call us at 310-734-4557. Dr. Joseph Goodman and our entire team look forward to improving your oral health with interdental treatments.