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The bacterial presence of tooth decay is pervasive. Without timely treatment, too much of the tooth will be lost to viably secure a filling. To restore the tooth’s presence in your mouth and its full function you will need to have one of the dentists at Joseph Goodman, DDS, DMD‘s Beverly Hills, California dental office, to perform a crown restoration.

This method of treatment will fully replace the entire tooth enamel layer with another material like gold, porcelain, or a metallic alloy.

The crown will need to be anchored in your mouth by an abutment made from the healthy core of the tooth. This requires taking an impression to serve as a guide for the off-site dental lab that will eventually create it. In the interim, a hard-plastic temporary crown will be secured over the abutment to protect it.

When it’s ready, you will need to come back to our clinic to have it installed. Once your dentist cements it onto the abutment with a strong dental adhesive the crown will fully restore the previously decayed tooth for many years to come.

If you live in the Beverly Hills, California area and you have a tooth distressed by an untreated cavity, you should call 310-734-4557 to seek treatment and restoration with the dentists at Joseph Goodman, DDS, DMD’s dental office.